Why Web Design Is An Investment Not An Expense

3 October 2017 - Richard Shire

Some business owners see a website as an expense but if done right, your website should be an investment that allows your business to grow and turns visitors into customers. In this post we will explore why you need to think about your website in terms of an investment.

Spending money on your business isn’t always easy. Being cautious about what you spend your penny’s on is sensible and getting the best deal on your expenses is wise. This is why, when it comes to website design, it is tempting to go for the cheapest option or follow an online website builder and do the design yourself (which might work well for some people but is definitely a gamble)!

Although this desire to save money is understandable it is short sighted. A badly designed website will not effectively support your business and help you to make sales, so even if you saved money in the process of building it, any money you have spent is simply a waste.

A Digital Shop Window

Your website is your digital shop window. It is the representation of you, your business and your relationship with your customer. This is why it is essential that it represents your brand with clarity. People need to feel that they can trust your company if they are going to spend money on your products, you earn this trust by having a clear message across all your marketing platforms and your website is an essential part of this.

A Website Has Many Objectives

Website design isn’t an easy process; they are complex because they have so many objectives to meet. There are lots of aspects to consider from SEO to conversions and getting everything working and performing effectively is a skill that can take years to perfect.

A good website should meet the following objectives…

Ask yourself as you read them if you feel comfortable putting in place the strategies and tools that will allow your website to achieve them.

Measure The Objectives

It is just as important to measure the success of the objectives as it is to set them in the first place. All websites need to be monitored and as a business owner you need to have a good understanding of how it is performing. This enables you to make changes if necessarily and get the most out of your site.

A good website designer will set your site up with the tools in place to measure specific objectives and either supports you to learn how to review and make amendments yourself or take on your website maintenance and do this for you.

Once again, if you are going to spend money, you want to be sure that you spending it wisely and no matter how much money you spend on a website build, you have to maintain and measure it to ensure it is working for you and your long term business goals.

Aspire Shire Is Here To Help

Here at Aspire Shire we build websites for businesses with one clear objective; to create conversions. We know that making sales and increasing profit is what most business owners are focused on, so we are too! Contact us here to book an initial call with us to discuss how an investment in us will earn you more money than you spend.