Should You Hire A Professional Copywriter?

3 April 2018 - Richard Shire

Keeping businesses expenditure down is wise when you run your own business but some take this sensible frugal attitude too far and try to cut too many corners. One paid service that we often see overlooked is professional copywriting. It is worth remembering, the words you use to represent your business are incredibly powerful and can have a big impact on your conversions. In this post we will take you through the 5 reasons why you should hire a professional copywriters.

What Is Copy?

Before we go into the 5 reasons why you need a copywriter, let’s just quickly establish what they do. Copy covers the words that are written to promote your business and can come in a variety of media. Web copy, blogging, social media posts, adverts, leaflets or even the lyrics to a jingle.

A Copywriter Is Objective

Sometimes business owners can be too close to their own business to be objective in it. Even if you are confident in your own copywriting skills it can be difficult to write with clarity when you have so much invested in it. This is why some copywriters hire others to write the content on their own website! You see your business from a different perspective to the outside world and the copy that represents your business needs to be coherent to the brand and image that people see.

A Copywriter Is An Expert With Words

A copywriter understands how to use words to build relationships, make connections, build ‘know, like and trust.’  Crucially they can use language to gently guide readers to take action. The skill of using of persuasive language without sounding like a 1970’s second hand car dealership is not something people naturally have. Even talented writers and authors will hire copywriters because this is a unique skill.

A Copywriter Will Save You Time

When you run a business you will have a HUGE to do list anyway so why add extra to it? If you don’t write copy everyday, it will take you longer than a professional and the end result won’t be as good. Hire a copywriter and utilise your time effectively, doing what you love and what you are good at. Spend that time meeting clients, building upon relationships and making more money!

Sometimes employees are asked to do a task like copywriting as an additional task on their job description but when you ask someone to do it as an ‘extra’ it doesn’t get valued as much as it should. The employee in question will spend longer on the task and won’t be able to produce copy to the same standard as a copywriter. Use your employees time as effectively as you use your own and hire the right people for specific jobs.

A Copywriter Can Write For Your Ideal Client

A copywriter understands that the first step in writing powerful, converting copy is to speak to your target audience. They will take time to understand your business, your mission and the solution you bring to your customers. As part of understanding the solution, they also go deep and before they even start writing they do some work on the problems your ideal customers face. Being able to speak directly to these challenges allows them to skillfully present your business as the answer.

A Copywriter Understands The Online Business Rules

Each platform has different rules. Facebook for example no longer accepts what it calls ‘clickbait’ which is copy that explicitly asks the reader to like, comment or share content so you have to find different ways to encourage engagement. Another example is SEO, a copywriter will know how to write SEO friendly content that will improve your search engine ranking and make you easier to find.

Aspire Shire

Here at Aspire Shire we help you build websites that convert. The copy is not the only part of this, the design, branding and functionality all combine to create a website that nurtures and guides visitors to take action. If you would like more information about what Aspire Shire can do for your business, contact us here to organise a free no-obligation consultation.