Give Your Website Visitors What They Want

2 April 2019 - Richard Shire

Your website is a tool to build a relationship with your audience, to do this you have to give them the information they came for and you have to do it quickly. They have to feel connected to your business, that you understand their specific problem and you can solve it.  You have seconds to communicate this with them. It isn’t an easy job but if the aim of your website is to essentially convert visitors into customers, you need to make an impact and give them what they want. In this post, we will explore practical things your website needs to give your visitors what they want.

Give Your Visitors What They Want

Ask yourself this valuable question, why are visitors coming to my website in the first place? It might seem like the answer is obvious but different businesses will have different answers. Maybe they are most likely to make the first visit to research prices, get a quote, maybe they want to know more about you? Perhaps they are looking for help and support or maybe they want information? Are they looking for opening times, a menu, contact details?

Understanding the process and the purpose of your visitors allows you to plan how your website is designed to ensure that important information can be found quickly. Once they have found what they are looking for with ease, you have them in a good frame of mind and after this positive experience, they are more likely to stick around and become customers.

A good website understands its visitors, and gives them what they need, helping them and guiding them along a customer journey.

Take Care With The Copy

The number one mistake business owners make when they create their own website is they simply write too many words that are irrelevant to the visitor. Ask yourself, does the reader really want to hear this? The cold hard truth is visitors will get easily bored they want to get what they came for quickly.

Make A Visual Impact

Images have an impact on the brain and even if your visitor isn’t taking the time out to read every single word, they will see your pictures and make instant judgements. These judgements will either leave them feeling connected or disconnected with you and your business. Cartoons, video, graphs and diagrams all communicate messages so make sure they are the right ones.

Also, consider the role that branding plays in your overall visual impact. This includes the font, the colours and the logo. What are all these features communicating? Are they consistent, clear and do they speak directly to your visitors? Most importantly, are these the visuals your visitors want and expect to see?

A website with limited images and branding will be ill effective and uninteresting but a website can be too visual and confusing, overwhelming their visitors and pushing them away. So even though the visuals are important, choose them sparingly and carefully. 

To action these points and make sure your website is giving your visitor want they want, connect with us here at Aspire Shire for a free quote.