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How To Get More Sales On Your Ecommerce Site

5 August 2019 - Aspire Shire

If you’re working to improve your SEO and drive traffic to your website, then the next step is to get people to buy. It’s a sad fact that only about 2% of people visiting an ecommerce site will actually convert to sales, but there are some things you can do to increase that number and make more profit.

Show That Your Customers Can Trust You

A first time visitor to your site needs to know that they can trust you before they hand over their credit card details. Having an SSL certificate installed is a great first step, but you can go further to reassure potential customers. Blue Fountain Media created two versions of their website, one displaying the VeriSign trust seal, and one without. The version with the seal saw a huge 42% increase in conversions, which just goes to show how powerful a little reassurance can be.

Customers also look to each other to find out if you are trustworthy, through recommendations. Including recommendations for each product is a great idea, but if you don’t have them available then include feedback on your company as a whole. Potential customers want to know that your product descriptions and shipping times are accurate, that the quality is as expected and that you have good customer service.

Have Great Quality Listings

Each product listing has two parts, description and product photography. Both need to be of high quality to get people buying. Each item should have several pictures, in focus and well lit, showing the product from every angle and with close-ups of details, the inside (if relevant, for products like bags) and the item in use. If there are different colour or size options then show those as well. Customers want to know as much as possible about something before they buy it and lots of good quality photos can give them that information while reassuring them that you have nothing to hide.

The product description needs to be easy to read, but give all the information that a customer might want. It can be best to have a sentence or two that give a clear, concise description with the option to “click for more information” and further details in bullet points for those who are interested. Try to avoid very common phrases and cliches in your description, they don’t catch your customer’s attention and some people can even feel that they are less trustworthy.

Make Buying Easy, With No Surprises

The final step that you want your customers to take is to complete the checkout process and buy from you. Make that as easy as you possibly can start with a big, obvious “buy now” button.

Even once someone has an item in their shopping cart, you still have a surprisingly long way to go to make the sale. About 68% of all shopping carts are abandoned before check out is complete, 81% for those shopping on mobiles, so you want to make sure the process is as quick and easy as possible. If your new customer has to create an account, find a credit card, enter details more than once and sign up to a newsletter then they are likely to give up on the process before the sale is completed. One way to avoid this is to include PayPal as an option since if your customer has a PayPal account they won’t need to enter credit card information or their address, it’s all done for them.

People also pull out of purchases when there are unexpected expenses, like high postage and packaging costs, or when the delivery time is much longer than expected. Be transparent about everything upfront so that there are no surprises to derail the purchase at the last minute. You may even want to consider raising your prices slightly so that they include shipping, and customers know exactly what they will be paying right from the start.

Offer Payment Options

Every payment option has advantages and disadvantages. Some people don’t trust their details to a company like PayPal, while others don’t want to have to go and find their bank card. You can never please everyone! Yet, when it comes to paying for things online people are understandably cautious and a study by Vouchercloud found that 59% of people would abandon a purchase if their preferred way to pay wasn’t available. The solution could be to offer a choice of payment methods so that everyone can find something to suit them.

If you need help setting up your eCommerce site and making the buying process as smooth as possible for your customers, just contact us today for a free consultation.