3 Practical Steps You Can Take To Grow Your Business

2 January 2018 - Richard Shire

Growing your business can be easier said than done, there are many different strategies you could use but the sheer amount of information available can feel overwhelming.  That’s why in this post we will share with you 3 practical steps you can take today that will grow your business with quick results.

1) Network

Regardless of the faceless digital age we live in, people still want to do business with people. Networking gives you an opportunity to meet new people and make new connections. It is worth remembering that when you network, you are not just connecting with the people right in front of you, but all the people they know as well. You may think that networking isn’t for you especially if your business is B2C (business to customer), but it is short sighted to overlook the benefit of the support available through these contacts.

Also keep in mind that networking can be online, there are lots of social media groups and forums especially created for business to connect with one another and the power of the internet brings people together that may have not otherwise been connected. Our communities are becoming wider and so is the scope we can do business.

Always remember to follow up with leads and connections made through networking. Start a conversation; you never know it could end in a conversion.

2) Social Media

If you haven’t got a presence of social media then it is too overwhelming to try and tackle all of them at once. Analyse the behaviour of your ideal clients and recognise which social media platform they prefer to use. This is the first one you should focus on.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn all offer unique opportunities to reach new customers. Through a social media platform you can share your vision on a daily basis through articles, images and videos. You can create your own articles but also share other peoples (as long as they are relevant and you give credit when you share someone’s work).

You can also use paid advertising on these platforms which if done strategically is an effective way of reaching your audience and will be more cost effective than more traditional alternatives such as phonebook listings or magazines (understanding how to optimise these digital ads is vital for their success though so if any doubt seek professional guidance)!

3) Audit Your Visibility

Look for yourself on search engines and record the results. If you are not coming up high on the rankings then there are things you can do. Remember that your ideal client will most probably be using a search engine like Google when they are looking for someone who provides your service; you want them to see you above your competitors. If you don’t score highly enough there are a few things you can do;

Grow Your Business With Aspire Shire

We could write 100 blogs on growing your business but taking action on just 3 strategies will create quicker and more significant results. Sometimes though, it is important to recognise where additional guidance might be necessary to optimise your business evolution.  Here at Aspire Shire we can help you grow your business because we focus entirely on conversions. If you would like to get your website performing for you, improve your SEO or you need to start from scratch we will support your growth. Contact us here to organise a free consultation.