3 Non-Negotiables For Your Online Business

8 March 2018 - Richard Shire

Whether you are starting a business from scratch or trying to raise your online visibility, setting up an online business can be daunting, there seems to be so many platforms and digital spaces and each one has its own set of rules. All you really want is to use the web to grow your customer base so how can you know which ones will work for you? Well the reality is that what is right for you and your business will be unique to you but there are some intrinsic essentials that everyone needs to succeed in the online space.

In this post we will take away the complicated options and simply outline 3 non-negotiables every online business needs to have in place – including yours.

1) A Social Media Presence

There are many different social media platforms and which one will work for your business will entirely depend on where your customers spend their time. The truth is that social media is not just used to connect with out old classmates anymore, it is a place we go to connect with others and if you can use your presence on social media to make connections then you are able to develop and nurture a relationship. People like to do business with people, it is this that will lead to sales.

It is also worth noting that people are increasingly checking business profiles before they convert.  2017 data reveals an astonishing 74% of people check out a business on social media before making a purchase so being present and consistent on the platform(s) of your choice is definitely a non-negotiable in the modern digital world.

We would like to just add a small but fair word of warning with social media. Each platform has its own set of rules, many of which are regularly updated. If you are not confident in using it or unsure about the rules you have to play by then consider seeking support and guidance from someone who is competent on social media.

2) A Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing includes everything from social media, blogs, video and everything in between. Producing quality and up-to-date content helps your business in many ways.

A content marketing plan allows you to consider the various problems of your ideal client and the solutions you provide. It gives you an opportunity to present these problems in a way that shows you understand. It gives you an opportunity to provide solutions so that you can show you are the expert in your industry. When they need to enlist professional help, your business is forefront of their mind because you have already shown your value through your content.

A content marketing plan isn’t a list of things you want to sell but instead a strategy to connect with your potential and existing customers, show your value and build a relationship. A plan allows you to be organised in this endeavour to ensure that you are producing the right content and covering the right topics that will lead to sales, this is why it is a non-negotiable.

As you are adding new content to your website you are showing Google (and other search engines)that your business is active and fresh. You are providing new content that will meet the needs of those looking for information – your ideal client. This improves your SEO, increasing your chance of showing up in an internet search.

3) A Responsive Website

You do not have an online business without a website. It is your shop window, it allows you to represent your business and communicate your message clearly to your ideal client. A business without a website is sometimes even considered unprofessional, many judge the legitimacy of a business by their website and it contributes to a trusting relationship between you and your prospects which is needed to create a conversion.

As a website is such an intrinsic part of an online business, it should do more than just look pretty; it needs to work FOR you. To optimise investment into a website make sure you enlist the help of a professional designer that is able to guide your visitors through the journey so when they arrive at your site, they know what to do next. This might be to download a free product in exchange for an email address, it might be to book a free session or a consultation, it might be to come into your store and pick up a discount. The different directions you might guide a customer towards will be unique for your business and your customer but the purpose is the same; taking your customer to the next step and leading them to a conversion.

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