2019 Trends All Business Owners Need To Know

1 January 2019 - Richard Shire

As we get ready to ring in another new year it’s the perfect opportunity for business owners to look at what has and hasn’t worked in their marketing over the last 12 months. This knowledge can help to inform the plan for the next year. To support this process it’s also important to have an understanding of the online world and how it is changing in 2019. In this post we will outline the 2019 online trends all small business owners need to know.

The Personalised Touch

In our digital fragmented world so much focus has been on quantity as oppose to quality. Businesses have tried to meet the needs of their customers by providing a speedy service at all costs. Although fast delivery is still going to be an expectation, there will be more focus in 2019 on creating a personalised service. Consider how your online systems can be adapted to support this personal touch over the next year.

Augmented Intelligence Integrations

The speed in which technology evolves is incredible. One of the biggest developments over the past 12 months has been the sophisticated response of AI. Using predictive analytics, it can now provide small businesses with computer based customer services that saves both time and money. It doesn’t look set to replace human Interaction and nor should it, but in 2019 more small businesses will begin to use AI to communicate with potential or existing customers and provide a more efficient and effective service.

Mobile Marketing In 2019

Experts predict that by the end of 2019, nearly half the money spent on advertising will be on ads directly showing up on mobile phones. People are increasingly making buying decisions on the move. It’s worth considering how mobile friendly your website is and how easy it is to for purchases to be made this way.

With payments in mind there is currently a revolution in payment options taking place. Facebook already allows people to transfer money  through its platform. This is something we  expect to see developing further this year and we also expect to see other big companies such as Amazon and  Google doing it too.  We recommend you keep a close eye on online payment flexibility in 2019 and recognised where it could fit into your business.

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